It’s no secret. Trees are my favorite. Nature and the outdoors are my jam, but trees hold the wooden key to my heart. Strong, silent, and crucial to life-sustaining oxygen, like Richard Power’s wrote, ““This is not our world with trees in it. It’s a world of trees, where humans have just arrived.”

If you love ’em so much, why don’t you marry them?” Maybe I will friend, maybe I will. Google marry a tree, it’s a thing.

Sylvan nuptials aside, we all seem to stop and take notice of these stoic sentinels during their colorful fall transformation, when we’re seeking summer shade, and or even during their spring rebirth.

But it’s during stick season that trees are often overlooked. When we slow down and take notice, we discover the subtle changes of the dormant dendrites as they branch out under the winter sky — quiet, lying in wait for the earth’s axis to tilt towards the sun.   

This week we’re celebrating the trees of winter, taking time to notice the easily passed-over. This observation requires you to up your perception from low-res to high, to perceive things that may have been invisible to us, and to “break bud” with our tree friends, as we all wait for the promise of spring. 

 This week, join us as we take a sky swim, hit the trails and go burl-unking, learn the 3 B’s of winter tree ID, clear up conifer confusion, and notice, shift, & rewire our mindset with tree silhouettesIt’s gonna be tree-mendous!

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