“The year is done. I spread the past three hundred sixty-five days before me on the living room carpet…I fold the good days up and place them in my back pocket for safekeeping. Draw the match. Cremate the unnecessary. The light of the fire warms my toes. I pour myself a glass of warm water to cleanse myself for January. Here I go. Stronger and wiser into the new.”

– Rupi Kaur

It’s been 33 days since 2023 began and I’m still gathering my thoughts on this past year. This quote from Rupi Kaur totally struck me because I feel like I needed to take the month and flip through the days of 2022 before moving into February.

I met 2022 with open arms and 2022 handed me much more than I ever expected to carry. I did some old things a whole lot less (reviewing hikes, hiking as a family), I did some old things a whole lot more (writing for publication, reels, leading groups hikes), and I did some brand new things (podcast, after-school program, haunted urban hikes).

Despite the unanticipated nature of the year, I believe I was handed exactly what I was meant to —  after all, our strengths and weaknesses aren’t uncovered by careful hypothesis, they need to be field tested, filled to bursting with water and inspected for flaws, taking inventory of the places stretched too thin. Only then can we break out the patch kit and devise a plan for reinforcement. January is mending time. 

I didn’t go into 2022 with the intention to carry very many things along. In fact, my word for the year Pause. HA! On reflection, the moments of pause occurred when I stopped to pick up a project, then it was off and running again. 

If I had to choose a word that encompassed the actual vibe of 2022, it would be Development. We built STUFF this past year. Not birdhouses or bookshelves (although I did put one of those together), but programs and activities and schedules. Some of those things were painstakingly created, some haphazardly, and almost all were adjusted, torn down and built again. Some things are still awaiting their reconstruction.

Whether it was wide-eyed naivety or outright denial to walk into 2022 empty handed, the professional outcome was predominantly positive — I left room for infinite possibility and like magic, they appeared. But there were intimate goals I passed over at the starting line and thusly, they never made it to the other side of the tracks. And even though he’s my least favorite Beatle, John Lennon was right when he sang, “Life happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

January is sifting time. There’s 365 days to audit and scrutinize, plus another 4 years of neglected purposes and plans since Berkshire Family Hikes even began. With the winnowing complete, I’ll be ready to walk into 2023. On this return, I’ll be carrying the strengths and wins and plans in my pockets, solid reminders that crease with every step but leave my arms free and empty to pull them out, one by one. 

2022 by the Numbers

1 Invasive Pull/Trail Clean-Up at The Pines in Dalton.

2 years as publisher of Berkshires Macaroni Kid

4 urban haunted hikes around downtown Pittsfield in partnership with These Mysterious Hills

4 hikes with Herberg students during the Afterschool Outdoors program

5 family hikes while on vacation in Cape Cod

6 published pieces in Berkshire Magazine.

12 programs with Berkshire Natural Resources Council on a variety of community hiking events and activities.

16 child-led hikes with South Berkshire Kids

36 different varieties of insects id’ed!

A countless number of incredible kids and families were met on our group hikes.

I want to scream THANK YOU! to everyone who reached out to collaborate with us this year. Thank you to everyone who took some time to trod a trail or a city street with us. Thank you to everyone who shared a word of encouragement or kindness with us. Thank you for sharing your beautiful families with us. I’m so grateful to get to spend time in places that fill up my cup and share them with people who do the same. 

Stay in motion,


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Canoe Meadows
Pittsfield, MA



Tannery Falls
Savoy, MA



Pine Cobble
Williamstown, MA


Windsor, MA


Campbell Falls
New Marlborough, MA & Norfolk, CT


Sperry Road
Lanesborough, MA


Sunset Rock
North Adams, MA

Beyond the


Lincoln Woods
Lincoln, NH



Busby Trail
Savoy, MA



Butterfly Hike at the Boulders
Dalton, MA

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