Where We Went : Wahconah Falls State
Park – Dalton, MA

When We Went : April 2019

Difficulty (Boots 1 – 5) : 2 Boots

Trail Length : 0.6 miles up and back / 45
minutes to 1 hour

How Long it Took Us : 2 hours

Overview : A wide, unmarked road leads to the base of Wahconah Falls, a 40-foot tall cascading waterfall that sits on Wahconah Falls Brook. From there an unblazed but well-worn footpath leads uphill along the brook to the top of the lower falls. It’s a short walk to the upper falls and the jumble of boulders that make it up. A few yards east are the ruins of the Booth Talc Mill, built in the early 1800s. Follow the path along the stream back to the lower falls. Wahconah Falls are named for a Pequot Native American maiden and her tragic legend.

What We Dug : The recent snowmelt had the falls raging and the deafening roar impressed us all. It’s short walk to the upper falls and the mill remnants. Our 2 year old loved the other spot we walked to. Follow the lower falls downstream to a tiny beach with calmer waters. perfect for skipping stones. It was a cold April day, (it snowed while we were there!) but on a summer afternoon it is a terrific place to dip your toes. Check out the gallery below for the treasure we stumbled upon while there. Pause and build a cairn, have a snack, or pack some rocks of your own to hide!

What We Could Do Without : Litter makes us sad 🙁

Keep Your Eyes Peeled For : Cathedral pine & hemlock groves,

Must Know Before You Go’s : No trail maps on site or blazes on trails. Bathroom facilities unreliable. Rocks in and around the falls can be slippery, use caution. Swimming is prohibited, so be careful if you decide to take a dip! Dogs allowed.

Directions : From the junction of Routes 8 and 9 in Dalton, bear left onto Route 9. Follow for 2.9 miles to North Road. Turn right onto North Road and drive for 0.1 mile to where Wahconah Falls Road bears right. Follow for 0.3 mile to the parking area on the right.

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Resources : Check out this great book