Spring rain may not need our help but all those extra toilet paper rolls do! Here’s a project that went right down the tubes…

Tape ’em together and get your dance on.

Gather Your Supplies:

Cardboard Tubes (Toilet paper, Paper Towel, Wrapping Paper, etc.)





Broom Handle or Dowel

1/4 Cup Dried Rice or Beans


Things to decorate – Paint, Markers, Washi Tape, Feathers, Yarn, etc.

Grab a tube and tear a sheet of aluminum foil slightly longer than the length of the tube. (If using toilet paper tubes the short length will not produce too much sound, but you could tape multiples together!)

Gently fold the foil sheet into a flattened tube shape.

Grab a broom handle or dowel and wrap the foil around it to form a spiral.

Next we traced the end open end of our roll on a piece of paper. Around the small circle we drew a slightly larger circle. Repeat this so you have one for each side of your tube.

Then we cut the larger circles and cut slits all around from the outer edge to the inner circle. This helps the cover lie flat.

Next we taped the paper to the end of our cardboard roll, wrapping the flaps as we taped around the tube. I used a thin band of duct tape to secure the paper at the end.

Now slide your foil into the length of your tube and add your 1/4 cup dry rice or beans (a funnel helps!)

With your other paper circle and tape, seal and secure the open end. Now decorate!

We used washi tape, feathers, yarn and pipe cleaners to decorate, but use whatever you have and get creative!


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