Sensory Sit Spot

A sit spot is simply a place in nature that you visit regularly. It can help you expand your senses and cultivate awareness while observing the world around you.

You can choose to do this outside if you wish, but with so many stuck inside, I wanted to explain this alternative option.

With practice, sit spotting can:

  • Increase critical thinking & focus.
  • Develop higher level senses.
  • Enhance sensitivity to nature.
  • Improve creativity & inspiration.
  • Promote mental & physical relaxation and mindfulness practice.

1. Create a comfortable seating area near a window.

2. Print out the FREE

3. Take a moment to talk about the different senses and how we experience them.

(i.e. Touch = feeling the breeze or sun on your body / hot & cold sensations)

4. Set a 2 to 5 minute timer for them to explore the 1st sense.

5. Set a 1 to 2 minute timer for them to draw or describe what they experienced.

6. Move on to the next sense and so on.

7. Encourage them to try to explore their senses in different ways:

  • Hear
    with eyes shut, with one hand over an ear, with hands cupped behind or in front.
  • Smell
    with one nostril shut, then the other.
  • See
    with binoculars.

8. Over the week, move the sit spot to different locations around the house.

What’s different? What’s the same?

Do you have a favorite sit spot? Have you ever sit spotted indoors or outside?

Let us know in the comments below.

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