Do bugs shelter in place?

You better bee-lieve it!

Their reasons may be a little different than ours but they too need a safe nook to nest and hibernate.

We can help our insect pals by building them a bug hotel.

Hang it in your garden or backyard, just don’t expect any rent!


Clean Tin Can (Be careful! Make sure there are no sharp edges.)

3 Toilet Paper Tubes

Sticks, lots of sticks



Take your toilet paper tubes and fit them snugly into the tin can.

This will form the structure for your sticks to fit into.

Measure the height of your sticks to the top of the tin can and break off the excess.

Keep breaking down sticks until you have a good sized pile.

The sticks and twigs don’t need to be all the exact same length. It won’t hurt that some are a touch bigger or smaller.

Now fit the sticks into the toilet paper tubes. Keep adding sticks until they are snug, but not too tight that they cannot move at all.

We doubled wrapped some string around the can and ta-da!

A staycation home fit for a queen…bee!

We hope you enjoyed this week of Indoor Nature Connections as much as we did.

Thank you for all the love & support.

We’ll keep getting outdoors and sharing out adventures with you!

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