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Over the last few generations, childhood has seemed to move indoors (not to mention Covid-19!) and left kids more disconnected than ever to the outdoors and their natural world. Nature is good for us. We all know it and the benefits are clear.
Our Mission is to help connect and facilitate families and children to nature and the outdoors; to familiarize families and caregivers with local trails, sanctuaries and preserves; to provide activities and opportunities for kids to enjoy time immersed in nature; and to build community connections with those that have a common interest in nature.
So what can you do? Join the Facebook Berkshire Family Hikes Community Group and gather with other nature-loving families. Head over to The Adventure Archives and find you next adventure. Sign up for our email to get the latest news, reviews and events. Print out our Free Outdoor Nature Hunt for an interactive activity to get you started.
We hope we inspire you to get your own family and friends outdoors for many happy, healthy adventures together.
Taylor, Dan, Mason & Veda
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