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In 2019, we made a commitment to get our family outside more. Lucky for us, the vistas and vales of the beautiful Berkshires are right in our own backyard. Getting outdoors is a great way to inspire creativity, to relax, decompress, and strengthen our family relationships. Days when we feel sluggish and static, nature is there to revive our spirits. Days when our energy is fit to burst through the walls, nature is the great equalizer. Our experiences aren’t always perfect, but the trick is to just keep on going. We hope to inspire families to get outdoors and explore with less stress and more confidence. Check out the blog for our latest reviews of local trails or head over to the Activity page for easy ways to reconnect with the outdoors. 





Top Hikes for Accessibility in the Berkshires

Being outdoors and in nature is beneficial in so many ways. From healing health benefits, building community connections, education, or just having some fun, the outdoors is a gift. And that gift...

Gold Diggers & Cave Crawlers – Widow White Reserve

                                              Where We Went : Widow White Reservation - Lanesboro, MA When We Went : Early April & again in Late May Difficulty (Boots 1 - 10) : Steep in places, but mostly easy walking on wide wood roads 2.5 Boots Trail Length : NO...

10 Quotes for Summer Solstice

10 Quotes for Summer Solstice Summer Solstice. The longest day of the year is at hand. Taken literally, solstice means that the sun stands still. But like naturalist Hal Borland said, "There is no standing still in any season. The earth turns, and the year turns, and...

This One’s For Beginners – Old Mill Trail

Where We Went : Old Mill Trail, Hinsdale MA When We Went : July 2019 Difficulty (Boots 1 - 10) : 1 Boot Trail Length : 1.5 miles, up and back (about 1 hour) First 0.7 miles is Accessible Trail, the remainder crosses Route 8 and follows the Housatonic River downstream....

Faded Footsteps – Arrowhead Nature Trail

Where We Went : Arrowhead Nature Trail, Pittsfield/Lenox MA When We Went : Mid-April Difficulty (Boots 1 - 10) : 1.5 Boots Trail Length : 0.5 Mile How Long it Took Us : 1 Hour Overview : "Leviathan, white whale - Call me Ishmael. Sailor, novelist - A failure until...

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

I took this picture on a recent hike and didn‘t think twice about it. I was going through my camera roll and it struck me differently. Tay usually writes the blog posts around here, but since it's Mother's Day, I wanted to try and write down how this picture makes me...

Cattle Calls & Waterfalls – Glendale Falls

Where We Went : Glendale Falls, Middlefield MA When We Went : Mid-March Difficulty (Boots 1 - 10) : 3 Boots Trail Length : 1/4 Mile to the base of the Falls How Long it Took Us : 1.5 Hours Overview : For a town with a population of less than 600, Middlefield sure has...

Pooled Echoes of the Past – Duncan Brook Reservoir

    Where We Went : Duncan Brook, Dalton MA   When We Went : 1st Week of April   Difficulty (Boots 1 - 10) : 2.5 Boots (based on lack of trails)   Trail Length : No Marked Trails   How Long it Took Us : 2 Hours   Overview : In 1957,...

20 Open-Air Spaces for Berkshire Families

With every aspect of our lives suddenly disrupted, nature and outdoor activities provide essential stability, stress-relief and distraction to the current crisis. Lucky for us, the Berkshires is bursting with open-air spaces. With Spring on the horizon and increasing...

Concerto For A Crisis

  I've been struggling with what to write these days. We're hiking more than ever to fill the empty time, yet when I sit down to write a review, the words feel forced. And not because my heart's not in it, no - my heart has never before been more tied or in tune...


2020 52 Hikes Goal

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